Bojagi (Korean traditional wrapping cloth) was a great influence on my work at the beginning of my art practice.  Even though my work has changed over the years I still have a desire to revisit the point where I started once in a while: not so much out of nostalgia but for fresh inspiration.  And, yes, the familiar Korean textile never fail to encourage my search --- perhaps it is a consolation that I look for unconsciously living so far away from Korea.  It may not be an exaggeration to say that Bojagi has been the anchor to hold me secure in times of doubt.

Typically, my approach to surface embellishment is based on a strong response to the character of the material itself.  Ramie and hemp were widely used in Korea in earlier times for clothing and bedding in summer because of their natural coolness and subtle paper-like quality.  The unusual stiffness of these materials has allowed me to revisit my textile heritage in a more playful, collage-like manner in some cases.